MetroCard Bulk Sales Agreement & Terms


Licensee is granted a non-exclusive License to distribute, at no cost, MetroCards  to its employees. Licensee does not have permission to resell MetroCards.

MetroCard Purchases, Orders and Deliveries

There are no commissions to non-selling locations.

  • Full Net Payment. On the day the Merchant places an order for MetroCards, Merchant must have on deposit in the bank account designated in the Electronic Funding section of this Agreement an amount available for payment equal to the purchase price of such MetroCards.
  • MTA NYCT or its authorized Agent will debit Merchant’s designated bank account in an amount equal to the purchase price of such MetroCards on the day the related order is placed, or later.
  • The Merchant’s purchase price of MetroCards equals the full face value of the MetroCards ordered. Merchant hereby authorizes MTA NYCT or its authorized Agent to initiate and complete such electronic funding in accordance with the terms of the Electronic Funding section on the next page.
  • This does not apply to qualified agencies. If for any reason the funds are not available to pay in full the amount due when the attempt is made to debit the Merchant’s bank account, the debit may be adjusted to the amount available and Merchant shall be liable for all MTA NYCT bank charges, legal fees and other costs incurred in order to collect the amount not paid, and interest (at prime +1) from the date payment is due to the date payment i s actually received.

No refunds

  • Risk of loss for all MetroCards delivered to Merchant passes to Merchant upon delivery to Merchant. Merchant understands that MetroCards are prevalued and must be safeguarded in the same manner that Merchant would safe guard cash. Under no circumstances will MTA NYCT or any of its affiliates have an obligation to refund any amounts to Merchant or to redeem any MetroCards delivered to Merchant.
  • Merchant acknowledges and agrees that if MetroCards in Merchant’s possession are lost, stolen, tampered with, mutilated, or destroyed, (i) Merchant is liable  in full to  MTA NYCT for the value of such  cards, and (ii) neither MTA NYCT nor any of its affiliates has any obligation to refund any amounts relating to such cards.